I. 概述

弗吉尼亚州农业信贷,ACA (the “Association”) has adopted this code of ethical conduct (the “Code”) which is applicable to every 导演, 官, 和员工. The Code reaffirms the high standards of business conduct required of and provides guidance to the Association and its 导演s, 高级职员及雇员. [1]

II. 客观的

The Association is committed to conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards as set forth in the Standards of Conduct Policy. 此外, the Association is responsible for preparation and distribution of its financial statements and related disclosures and for providing relevant information that is true, 准确的 and complete to the Funding Corporation for use in preparing the Farm Credit system financial statements and related disclosures. 

相应的, 协会期待所有的理事, 高级职员及雇员 to maintain the highest standards of personal and professional integrity in all aspects of their business transactions and activities. 这包括遵守所有适用的法律, 规则, 法规, deterring wrongdoing and abiding by its Standards of Conduct Policy and other policies and procedures adopted by the Association that govern the conduct of its employees and agents. 达到这些高道德标准, 全体董事, 高级职员及雇员应, 除此之外, 避免利益冲突.


3. 需求

A. 所有董事、管理人员和员工. 所有董事、高级职员及雇员均须:

  1. 保持较高的道德标准,包括诚实、正直和公平的高标准.
  2. 以机构的最大利益行事.
  3. Preserve the reputation of the Association and the public’s confidence in the Farm Credit System.
  4. Exercise diligence and good business judgement in carrying out official duties and responsibilities.
  5. Report to the Standards of Conduct Official conflicts of interest and circumstances or transactions that have the appearance of creating a Conflict of Interest involving yourself, 您的家人或您的应纳税商业实体. [2]
  6. 避免参与官方行动或讨论任何事项,如果主任, 官员或雇员有实际的或被认为的利益冲突.
  7. Work with the Standards of Conduct Official to identify conflicts and resolve reported 利益冲突 and appearances of 利益冲突.
  8. 避免自我交易或接受可能被视为提供的礼物或好处, 或者有被邀请的表象, 影响官方的行动或决定.
  9. 遵守所有适用的法律, 规则, 法规, as well as the 规则 法规 of self-regulatory agreements to which the Association is a party.
  10. 及时报告任何可能的非法或不道德的行为, or violation of the Standards of Conduct Policy and the 道德守则 to the Standards of Conduct Official or through the anonymous reporting procedures.
  11. Take all reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of non-public information about the Association and its customers obtained or created in connection with its activities and to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of this information unless required by applicable law or regulation, 或法律或监管程序.

B. 董事及高级职员. 除了, 董事及高级职员 are required to fulfill their fiduciary duties to the institution and its stockholders.  另外, 董事及高级职员须出示完整的, 公平, 准确的, timely and understandable disclosures of Association financial statements and related financial reports or communications as well as reports and documents filed with, 或提交给, 农业第一农业信贷银行和农业信贷管理局. 董事和高级职员被明确禁止采取任何欺诈行为, 强迫, 操作, or mislead the Association’s independent public accountant for the purposes of rendering the Association’s financial statements misleading. 

C. 报告. 遵守报告义务, each person subject to this 道德守则 shall make a report of illegal or unethical activity or a violation of the Standards of Conduct Policy and the 道德守则 by either:

  1. 报告给行为标准官员,Dana Close, CRCM,邮箱:DClose@FCVirginias.或540-977-5707分机. 5925. 

  2. 致协会道德热线供应商Navex Global:
    1. 电话:1-833-220-9769或
    2. 在线报告:virginia farmcredit.ethicspoint.com
  3. 任何致电道德热线的人士均可, 在他们的选举中, 根据《体育彩票外围平台》进行举报时保持匿名, 在法律允许的范围内.  严禁对个人善意举报进行报复.  有关更多信息,请参阅欺诈和举报人热线政策. 

IV. 政策合规

每一个导演, 管理人员和员工有责任阅读和理解本政策, 并据此进行他们的活动和商业交易.  

The Association reserves the right to audit/monitor systems on a periodic basis to ensure compliance with this policy. 依从性可以通过各种方法来衡量, 包括但不限于业务工具报告, 内部和外部审计, 和反馈. 

此程序的任何例外情况必须提交给, 并经协会行为准则官员批准. 

V. 违反职业道德准则

所有董事、管理人员和员工都有责任遵守本准则. 不遵守本守则的条款可能导致纪律处分, 直至并包括终止雇佣关系, 关系或合同的终止, 或者被从董事会除名, 是适用的.  Violations of the Code may constitute violations of law and may result in civil or criminal penalties.

Violations of the Code may constitute violations of law and may result in civil or criminal penalties. 根据12 C.F.R. § 612.2180和12u.S.C. § 2267a, FCA has jurisdiction and authority to initiate certain actions and enforcement authority for up to six years following the separation of an 机构方 from a Farm Credit institution. This allows FCA to ensure the safety and soundness of the System in appropriate circumstances and to enforce its regulations, 无论与个人或实体的关系何时终止.

如果你对特定情况下的最佳行动方案有任何疑问, 联系行为标准官员. 

VI. 确认

每一个导演, 官, 员工应被要求每年证明他们已阅读并理解本守则. 

7. 定义

利益冲突: A set of circumstances or the appearance thereof where a person has a financial interest in a transaction, 的关系, or activity that could or does actually affect (or has the appearance of affecting) that person's ability to perform official duties and responsibilities in a totally impartial manner and in the best interest of the Association when viewed from the perspective of a reasonable person with knowledge of the relevant facts.


雇员: 任何从事兼职工作的个人, 全职, 或由协会临时决定, 包括被认定为该机构的人员. 不在协会工资单上的人员(1).e., independent contractors and temporary workers provided through temporary services agencies) are not Employees for purposes of this definition. 

家庭: 父母, 配偶或民事结合伴侣, 孩子们, 兄弟姐妹, 叔叔, 阿姨, 侄子, 侄女, 爷爷奶奶, 孙子, 而前述配偶是否因生而生, 收养, 婚姻, 或其他法律手段(例如.g.、继父母、继子女、同父异母兄弟姐妹、姻亲). 该术语还包括居住在家庭中的任何人或法律上或经济上依赖的人, 不考虑任何家庭关系.

机构方 (定义见12c.F.R. § 612.2180(d)): 

i. 系统机构的董事、管理人员、雇员、股东或代理人; 

ii. 独立承包人(包括律师, 评估师, (或会计)故意或不顾后果地参与: 

  a. A violation of law (including regulations) that is associated with the operations and activities of one or more System institutions; 

    b. A breach of fiduciary duty; or 

   c. 造成或可能造成超过最低限度的经济损失的不安全做法, 或对…有显著的不利影响, a System institution; or 

3. Any other person as determined by the Farm Credit Administration (by regulation or on a case-by-case basis) who participates in conduct of the af公平s of a System institution.

领薪水的首席执行官, 总统, 副总统, 秘书, 财务主管, 总法律顾问, 首席财务官, 和系统机构的首席贷款官, 以及任何未被指定但拥有类似权威地位的人.

应呈报业务实体: 报告个人在其中的实体, 直接, 或间接地, 或通过或与一个或多个人一致行动: 

  1. 拥有相当比例的股权;
  2. Owns, controls, or has the power to vote a Material Percentage of any class of voting securities; or
  3. Has the power to exercise a Material influence over the management of policies of such entity from their status as a partner, 导演, 官, 或该实体的大股东.

[1] 本准则旨在遵守FCA法规第612部分,子部分A,包括12c.F.R. § of 612.2137(c),本文使用的术语在12c中定义.F.R. § 612.2130.

[2] 受此政策约束的代理人必须披露已知的利益冲突, 与代理商行为准则政策相一致.